Flat for sale in Cádiz of 35 m2 Cádiz

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  • 35 m2
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Ref: P2609

Housing in search of a good UPGRADE.

- This home is crying out for a good renovation, so design every corner of this house to suit you.
- Window to the main street.
- Good lighting and ventilation.

- It has endless possibilities, don't worry we will tell you about it during the visit.

- Have you always wanted to put your investing side into practice? You can get a lot of juice out of this property...
- Do you like traditional farms? calm down and don't get JINDOI*

- Plocia Street is just a breath away, you can take a high-class Gastronomic Tour.
- Parking 1 minute from home where you can leave your car and it is well guarded.
- Go take the train for a walk, it is 3 minutes from home.

-It was launched in La Carraca, Cádiz, in 1857. The Minister of the Navy Mariano Roca de Togores, Marquis of Molins, promoted the renewal of the Navy, formulated a plan for the squadron to which they belonged. They were the first propeller warships built in Spanish shipyards.

Since Cádiz hosted the IX International Congress of the Spanish Language in 2023, Innysse includes words from Cádiz speech like this in its advertisements:
*JINDOI: Fear. It comes from caló and is one of those words whose meaning is already telling you everything, What a Jindama!

If this property were a song it would be JINDAMA by the group MAREA

Fees, expenses and taxes related to the purchase and/or financing of the property are not included in the sale price of the property. As a consumer, you have the right to be informed and delivered the corresponding informative documentation, as the case may be, based on the provisions of Decree 218/05 of October 11 that regulates the Regulation of Consumer Information in the purchase and sale and Housing rental in Andalusia. This information has a validity period of 15 days. Furniture not included in the price. Features and prices valid except typographical error. The map of this advertisement is generated automatically by digital means associated with the virtual tour application and may not exactly correspond to reality. The plan is for indicative purposes only. The cover photograph of this advertisement may have been subjected to the use of photographic filters in order to create a more artistic image.
Innysse, the atypical real estate agency of a lifetime.
25 Barrié Street in Cádiz.
35 San Francisco Street in Cádiz.
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Property features

  • Area: 35 m2
  • Area util: 30 m2
  • Sale price per m2: 1571.43 €
  • Year built: 1888
    outdoor to reform

Energy certification

  • Energy Consumption: In progress
  • CO2 Emission: In progress
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Property Location